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Leadwork Coventry, West Midlands
Leadwork - Sarnafil Lead Alternative Coventry

Sarnafil Lead Alternative 

All roofing systems will, at some stage, reach the end of their functional life. However the cause of a roofing failure may not solely be down to the roof waterproofing failing.  Mechanical damage, storm damage, poor design and poor installation are all factors that can affect the integrity and performance of the roof waterproofing. Each of these factors, and more, need to be assessed when an existing roofing system is deemed to have failed.

When selecting the replacement roofing system, compliance with the Building Regulations needs to be achieved and the refurbishment solution needs to be durable, have minimal environmental impact and be installed by fitters trained in the products installation. 

Sarnafil S327-EL is a polyester reinforced, multi-layer, synthetic roof waterproofing sheet based on premium-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) containing ultraviolet light stabilisers and flame retardant.

Sarnafil S327-EL is a hot air weldable roof membrane, formulated for direct exposure and designed to use in all global climatic conditions. Sarnafil S327-EL is produced with an integral polyester scrim reinforcement for high strength and is used within the Sarnafast or Sarnabar mechanically fastened system.

Sarnafil S327-EL has a unique lacquer coating applied to the top of the membrane to resist staining from airborne dirt and pollutants. Sarnafil S327-EL has no built-in stress at the time of production and has a fully encapsulated reinforcement with no risk to delamination or water-wicking. It is available in a range of colours and thicknesses.


The full Sarnafil product code is read as follows:


  • S    = Scrim reinforced (polyester) 
  • 327 = Sarnafil polymer reference 
  • 12   = 1.2mm thick 
  • E    = Extinguishing; fire retardent sheet 
  • L    = Lacquered surface


Characteristics and Advantages


  • Outstanding resistance to weathering, including permanent UV irradiation
  • Excellent flexibility in cold temperatures
  • No built-in stress at the time of production
  • High dimensional stability
  • High resistance against impact load
  • Excellent weldability
  • No risk of delamination or water-wicking
  • Compatible to old bitumen
  • Recyclable



Top surface:


  • Light Grey (nearest RAL 7047 or BS 00 A 05)
  • Lead Grey (nearest RAL 7012)
  • Window Grey (nearest RAL 7040)
  • Copper Patina (nearest RAL 6021)
  • Copper Brown (nearest RAL 8004)
  • Azure Blue (nearest RAL 5009)
  • Traffic White (nearest RAL 9016)


Bottom surface:


  • Dark Grey